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Advance Tickets to Springdale Game Available This Week

Posted by Alan on September 30, 2008 11:51 AM | Filed in Events |

bulldogs.pngAdvance tickets to Friday's Battle of the Bulldogs between Fayetteville and Springdale will be on sale this week at the Bulldog Field House at Harmon Field between 1:00 and 4:30 beginning Wednesday afternoon.  The tickets will be available Thursday and Friday as well.

Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for students.  Come out to the game Friday night to support the team.

The Artmobile to Visit Two Fayetteville Schools in October

Posted by Alan on September 30, 2008 11:36 AM | Filed in Events |

aac_img_artmobile_02.jpgThe Arkansas Art Center's Artmobile, one of the nation's only mobile art galleries, is headed to Fayetteville in late October.  The Artmobile takes art exhibitions to communities throughout Arkansas.  The mobile collection is rotated each year.

The Artmobile will visit Leverett Elementary October 20th through the 24th, then visit Washington Elementary October 27th through the 31st.

You can learn more about the Arkansas Arts Center and the Artmobile here.

This Day in History: September 29th

Posted by Alan on September 29, 2008 1:55 PM | Filed in This Day in History |

bobbies.pngHere's a look at a few important events on this day throughout history:

  Sir Robert Peel founds the London Metropolitan Police following passage of the Metropolitan Police Act by Parliament.  London police offers are often called "Bobbies" (or, less frequently, "Peelers") following the founding.

1979:  Pope John Paul II makes his first trip to the US.

2005:  New York Times reporter Judith Miller is released from prison.  She had been held for refusing to identify a source.

The Week Ahead: September 29th

Posted by Alan on September 29, 2008 1:50 PM | Filed in The Week Ahead |

We hope everyone had a great weekend.  Here's a look at the week ahead:

Thursday:  The Woodland Cowboys welcome Oakdale while the Ramay Indians travel to Siloam Springs.

Friday:  The Fayetteville Bulldogs run up to Springdale for the Battle of the Bulldogs.

School Board Commits to New High School on Current Site

Posted by Alan on September 25, 2008 7:17 PM | Filed in News |

The Board voted on September 25 to authorize the district administration to conceptualize and plan a pre-K through 12th grade school district that includes a 21st Century high school on the current FHS site. More information can be found in the Fayetteville Public Schools column published on September 30 in the Northwest Arkansas Times:


This Day in History: September 25th

Posted by Alan on September 25, 2008 10:57 AM | Filed in This Day in History |

Central-high.pngLittle Rock secured a place in history on this day back in 1957.

1789:  James Madison leads the US Congress to approve twelve amendments to the Constitution, ten of which become the Bill of Rights.

1957:  Central High School in Little Rock is integrated.  Nine African American students are escorted to class by the National Guard. 

1981:  Sandra Day O'Connor is sworn in as the first female Supreme Court Justice.

FHS Band Working Hard to Raise Money for Trip

Posted by Alan on September 25, 2008 10:01 AM | Filed in Miscellaneous | Comments (1)

fhs-band.pngIf you haven't heard, the Fayetteville High School Marching Band is working hard to raise $295,000 to travel to New York City in November to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  This week the students will earn money picking up trash throughout Bikes, Blues, & BBQ venues.  If you think that sounds rough, consider this:  the band travels to Bentonville Friday evening to perform at the high school football game, then heads to Owasso, Oklahoma, early Saturday morning to perform in a contest.  They likely won't make it back until the middle of the night, just hours before they're scheduled to start collecting trash at 7:00 Sunday morning.

These kids are working hard.  Each of the 201 students needs $1,250 to make the trip.  (You might have seen a few of them performing for tips at the Fayetteville Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings.)

To learn more about what you can do to help, visit fayettevilleband.com.

(A tip of the hat to the Fayetteville Flyer for covering this story.  Thanks!)

This Day in History: September 23rd

Posted by Alan on September 23, 2008 2:18 PM | Filed in This Day in History | Comments (1)

FlamboroughHead.png(Here's a new feature we'll try to do each day.  We'll see how it goes).

On this day in history:

1779:  Capt. John Paul Jones, his ship—the Bonhomme Richard—on fire and sinking during the Battle of Flamborough Head, tells the captain of the British ship Serapis:  "I have not yet begun to fight!"  Three hours later, Jones and his crew capture the Serapis.

1846:  Johann Gottfried Galle discovers Neptune while working at the Berlin Observatory.

1952:  Richard Nixon delivers his famous "Checkers" speech.

All Around the World

Posted by Alan on September 23, 2008 11:44 AM | Filed in Miscellaneous |

We keep track of traffic to every page of our site through Google Analytics.  The service offers a bunch of really neat tools, including a map that illustrates traffic from different parts of the world.  The map below shows those countries that are home to people who have visited our site since we first officially launched back on June 26th, 2008.  The darker green the shading, the more visitors—so, naturally, the US is darkest.  We've had 21 visits from India, 19 from Canada, and 16 from Australia.  The US has seen 137,220 unique visitors since we launched.  In all we've seen 137,437 visitors from 49 countries.

global-hits.pngCan you identify the 49 countries shaded in green?

The Week Ahead: Tuesday, September 23rd

Posted by Alan on September 23, 2008 9:45 AM | Filed in The Week Ahead |

Whoa, Monday slipped by us.  Here's a look at the week of Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008:

Thursday:  The School Board meets Thursday at 5:00 in the Adams Center to vote for a commitment to build the new high school on its current site.  Also Thursday:  The Woodland Cowboys welcome the Southwest Cougars while the Ramay Indians travel to Rogers to play Oakdale.

Friday:  The Vandergriff Block Party is from 5:30 to 7:30.  Also Friday:  The Fayetteville Bulldogs travel to Bentonville to take on the Tigers.

Open Line: Describe Your Ideal School

Posted by Alan on September 17, 2008 1:58 PM | Filed in Open Line | Comments (2)

open.jpgAs part of our continuing effort to drive conversation in the community, we plan to occasionally post an "open line" for our readers to share their thoughts about certain topics in the comments.

The future of Fayetteville High School remains an important topic for everyone in our community.  We thought today we'd ask our readers to describe their ideal school facilities.  No idea is too crazy.

Note:  As always, all comments are subject to moderation in an effort to keep inappropriate material off our site.

School Board Sets Timeline for New Superintendent

Posted by Alan on September 17, 2008 10:04 AM | Filed in News | Comments (1)

School Board members met Tuesday to set a timeline in regards to the  search for a new superintendent.  Ray and Associates, the firm conducting the search for candidates, will deliver a list of semifinalists to the School Board on February 4th, 2009.  Board members will then begin interviewing candidates the following week.

Dr. Bobby New, the current superintendent, is slated to retire at the end of the year.

You can read the Northwest Arkansas Times coverage of Tuesday's meeting here and The Morning News coverage here.

School Board Election Sees Runoff

Posted by Alan on September 17, 2008 9:39 AM | Filed in News |

vote.jpgCurrent School Board member Susan Heil won back her seat in yesterday's School Board election by defeating challenger James McGinty.  Heil has held the at-large Position 2 seat for seven years.

Conrad Odom and Jim Halsell will face one another in a runoff election on October 7th.  Odom and Halsell won the most votes among the six candidates vying for the at-large Position 1 seat.

You can read the Northwest Arkansas Times coverage of the election here and The Morning News coverage here.

Celebrating Constitution Day

Posted by Alan on September 15, 2008 10:07 AM | Filed in Feature Stories |

constitution-signing.jpgOn September 17th, 1787, thirty-nine men put their signatures to the Constitution of the United States and in doing so forever changed the course of a new nation.  The date is now celebrated as Constitution Day, a day dedicated to celebrating ratification of the Constitution, honoring its legacy, and recognizing those individuals who have become US citizens.

We've posted a Feature Story about Constitution Day on the main page of our website.  You can currently find it here.

We update the Feature Story on the 1st and 15th of each month.  Recent Feature Stories include Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, Back to School, and The Future of Fayetteville High School.

The Week Ahead: Monday, September 15th

Posted by Alan on September 15, 2008 9:43 AM | Filed in The Week Ahead |

We hope everyone had a terrific weekend.  It would seem that fall has arrived, bringing with it much cooler temperatures.

Here's a look at the week ahead:

Tuesday:  Remember to vote in the School Board election if you haven't already.  If you haven't made up your mind about a candidate, you can watch video of the first School Board Candidate Forum here.

Thursday:  The Woodland Cowboys host Bentonville Gold Thursday while the Ramay Indians travel to Springdale to battle the Southwest Cougars.  Eighth-grade games begin at 5:30, ninth-grade games at 7:30.

Friday:  The Fayetteville Bulldogs travel southeast to Russellville to tackle the Cyclones.  You can always find the complete high school schedule (along with results) here.

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted by Alan on September 15, 2008 9:35 AM | Filed in Feature Stories |

September 15th marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a thirty-day celebration of the rich history and countless contributions of the more than 44.3 million US citizens that claim Hispanic or Latino heritage.

In case you missed it, we posted a Feature Story about National Hispanic Heritage Month on the main page of our website for the last two weeks.  You can now access the piece in our archives here.

Crazy Hat Day at Woodland Junior High

Posted by Alan on September 12, 2008 10:46 AM | Filed in Miscellaneous |

mad-hatter-1.jpgToday is Crazy Hat Day at Woodland Junior High.  Students can wear inventive headwear--wigs, caps, top hats--all in the name of raising money for Juvenile Diabetes.  We've dispatched our trusty photographer to the scene to capture the craziness, so we'll have pictures for you later this afternoon. we have pictures!

Fun hat fact:  You can determine your USA hat size by measuring the circumference of your head, then dividing by pi and rounding off to the nearest one-eighth inch.  (OK, maybe it's not so much fun as educational.)

Bonus fun hat fact:  The expression "mad as a hatter" traces its origins back to the days when hatters--people who made hats--used mercury in the process of crafting felt hats.  The hatters inhaled mercury fumes while working which led to odd behavior.  In the US, the condition was called the "Danbury Shakes" since Danbury, Connecticut was home to a booming hat-making industry.

The Week Ahead: Monday, September 8th

Posted by Alan on September 8, 2008 9:09 AM | Filed in The Week Ahead |

Here's a quick look at the week ahead:

  • Tuesday:  There's a School Board Roundtable meeting at 6:00 PM in the Woodland Jr. High Cafeteria.
  • Friday:  The Fayetteville High School Bulldogs travel to Jefferson City, Missouri Friday.  You can find the complete high school football schedule here.
Remember to always check the schedule on the main page of the website.

Update on the Future of Fayetteville High School

Posted by Alan on September 4, 2008 3:54 PM | Filed in News | Comments (1)

Since the University of Arkansas withdrew the offer of $50 million to purchase the district properties on Stone Street, the Fayetteville Public Schools' administration has turned its efforts to working on recommendations for a new 21st Century High School on the Stone Street properties.  The FPS administration is currently working with the Nabholz construction manager and Crafton Tull architectural firm to focus on a 21st Century model school on the Stone Street property that incorporates all 40 acres, both north and south of Stone Street.

The Board directed the administration to pursue the Morningside properties as recommended by FHS Select Committee II only if a sale was forthcoming.    With no sale, it became clear that the FHS building could not be left vacant to build elsewhere.   The administration will plan the new high school project for one high school to include the 9th grade, as recommended by FHS Select Committee I and approved by the Board.  The district's existing population rate, limited growth, and current state funding cannot support a second high school.   In fact, it is entirely possible that opening a second high school would drive the district into financial distress.  The administration's focus from this point forward will be to work with teams of secondary teachers to refine the following list of desirable elements for a 21st Century School:

  • the 9-12 high school will embrace an evolving new instructional model and create the school as a workplace for 21st century students
  • indoor and outdoor gathering spaces are incorporated into circulation areas; circulation spaces are no longer just hallways
  • courtyards and amphitheaters will create attractive green spaces and gathering spaces
  • new spaces for curriculum-based informal gatherings will be designed as well as multi-use, flexible spaces for student and teacher teaming and instruction
  • vocational spaces will be merged into the design of the main building rather than in a "shop out back"
  • athletic facilities will combine concession stands and extra spaces to gather at half-time
  • emphasis will be placed on a performing arts centers for all kinds of student productions
  • new and adequate spaces will be made for choir and band
  • a new food service model will be based around a food court and more gathering spaces
  • media and technology centers will include spaces designed specifically for e-learning, video and audio production, and internet II access for scientific research
  • all spaces will incorporate a great deal of natural light
  • the new design will provide a highly visible school entrance with large gathering space and a highly visible administrative area
  • easily supervised access points, to control who may enter the building

Click here for a letter Mayor Coody recently sent to Superintendent New and Chancellor Gearhart. (PDF)

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