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School Board Unanimous in Decision on High School; Public Charettes to be Scheduled

Posted by Alan on November 2, 2008 11:53 AM | Filed in News |

vfiles17081.pngThe following is in response to an editorial in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on October 30, 2008:

Dear Editorial Board:

As chief information officer for the Fayetteville Public Schools, I  wanted to bring to your attention some information resources that can provide you with more details regarding School Board members' deliberations about the new High School. On the school web site you can  view any of the meetings in their entirety. (http://www.fayar.net/).  The October 23rd meeting is the one I believe you were referring to in your editorial comments yesterday. In that meeting the board decided unanimously that the architects and professionals involved in the design criteria will determine whether it is feasible to make use of any existing structures. Your editorial portrayed that a different decision had been made and did not accurately reflect the decision-making process.

Additionally, we have reported our plans for public input and they are extensive. This was discussed at the special board workshop on October 21 and reported in the Northwest Arkansas Times (http://www.nwanews.com/nwat/News/70310). There will be a process for bringing the new 21st Century curriculum to the public as well as a facilities design charette. "School board members plan to gain feedback from teachers before presenting the data to members of the public during a community charette. The charette process has been used by the city of Fayetteville in the past to help develop plans for area neighborhoods. "The idea for the charette is to get the community and the University of Arkansas involved to determine where things will lie along the 40 acres," Norton said. 'It will probably be an eight-weeks process.' "

Susan Norton
Chief Information Officer

The editorial may be viewed at this link.