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Guest Post: FHS Teacher Peggy James' Thoughts about a 21st Century "Campus" Visit

Posted by Aimee on November 10, 2008 4:05 PM | Filed in Feature Stories | Comments (2)

sprintcampus.jpgThe following  was written by FHS broadcast teacher Peggy James about a field trip she took on November 5th to the Sprint Campus in Kansas City.  The trip was part of a district scouting mission for ideas for building the new high school.  For more information about places that have been or will be visited, click on "Reveal Complete Story" at the bottom of the blue "Feature Story" box on the FPS home page.

The most important thing I saw was the "campus" feel. If we want small communities within a large school - then there is a lot to learn from Sprint.

Employees could take care of their life while at work. They came to work - but could also deal with life.  Why shouldn't we try and strive to make our school a place where kids can deal with more than just school affairs. Now, I am not talking Dr's offices or the cleaners - but the common grounds where we can hang out and be together and enjoy what teachers and students do share. The big open areas between buildings, seating to accommodate small and large groups, cafe's, breakrooms, peaceful landscaping. All things to help reduce stress and encourage interaction with those also in this "community of workers - or learners."

Is there a way to have walking trails in and around our building where teachers and students could exercise at lunch - together?
Can we have computer access in a variety of areas using their "POD" concepts so kids could meet and work before and after school.
Can there be coffee bars (or something healthier) located around the building to make our campus feel more user friendly.

To me the lesson at Sprint was not technology - it was community and personal responsibility. The surroundings made the employees more relaxed, comfortable, less stressed and responsible to their product by creating an environment that promoted and supported them.


Posted by Laura on November 18, 2008 11:25 AM

There are many such areas on the University of Arkansas campus that integrate learning facilities with common areas for socializing, studying, group work and computer (or Wi-Fi) access. I hope interested folks will take a peek at the good examples in our back yard.

Posted by Susan Norton on November 20, 2008 10:33 AM

Laura is right about the fabulous spaces on the UofA campus. As a former UA employee and recent grad student, I am familiar with them. Our teams work with UA very closely in the area of technology integration.
Susan Norton
Communications and Technology, FPS
(former UA Assoc. Dir., Academic/Research/Client Services)