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Films by FHS Students Selected for Broadcast by AETN

Posted by Alan on May 8, 2009 3:12 PM | (Not Filed) |

student-filmmaking.pngAETN,  the Arkansas Educational Television Network, has announced the films which will be included in this year's AETN Student Selects.  Films were selected in three different areas:  FHS films that were selected are listed below:

Selected for screening in the Little Rock Film Festival:

Produced by Landry Harlan, James Couch, and Colewyn Dehner
Starring Baker Cinq-Mars, Taylor Wilbourn, and guest actor Howard Taylor.

Produced by John Couch and Nathan Trucks
Starring Tessa Harbaugh and Brandon Townsend

"Take Me Home"
Produced by John Couch, Nathan Trucks, Berkley Greene, and Lexy Hancock
Starring Nathan Trucks and Berkely Greene

Selected for broadcast by AETN on Channel 13 on Sunday, May 31st at 2:00 p.m.:
"Sight" and "Take Me Home."

Selected for viewing on the AETN website:

"Counting Hours"
Produced by Rebekah Garrett, Carmen Cheadle, John Couch, Nathan Trucks, Kyle Erf, Josh Bonnell & Chris Wood
Starring Tessa Harbaugh, Brandon Townsend, Baker Cinq-Mars, Tina Andrews and Aricka Lewis

"The Campout"
Produced by Andrew Burton, Taran Hutchens and Christian Duncan
Starring Peter Willis, Taylor Blake, Andrew Lea, and Eli Bishop

The following students will be attending the AETN Workshops and screenings at the Little Rock Film Festival:
Landry Harlan, John Couch, James Couch, Rebekah Garrett, Rainy Rues, Bailey Wise and Hayden Pearce.