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Fundred Truck Coming to Leverett

Posted by Alan on March 4, 2010 10:50 AM | Filed in Events |

fundred.pngBe a part of the Fundred Dollar Bill Project, an artistic project connecting and collecting the voices of 3 million youths across the country. By creating artistic interpretations of 100 dollar bills, students will support the clean up of lead-contaminated soil in New Orleans.

The special Fundred Sous Terre armored truck that will take Fayetteville Fundreds to Washington D.C. will be at Leverett on Friday, March 12 at 2:00.

The engine has been retrofitted to run on waste vegetable oil ("WVO"). The truck is "refueling" on oil recycled from cafeteria and restaurant fry cookers collected by the official Fundred Collection Centers. The Sous Terre Armored Truck is painted with a "soil to grass" (brown to green) color scheme. Included in the detailing is the date of Hurricane Katrina rendered as the truck's serial number, to identify it as unique from other armored vehicles. The truck is just large enough to hold the estimated cargo of the 3 million Fundred Dollar Bills.

Students draw their own Fundred Dollar Bills --- original, hand-drawn interpretations of US $100 bills --- which we will deliver to Washington DC. Your Fundreds will be picked up by a special armored truck and presented to US Congress with a request for real funding to make safe lead polluted soil in New Orleans.

For more info: www.fundred.org