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FPS Garners 5 Percent of State Total in Duke Talent Search

Posted by Alan on June 21, 2011 2:33 PM | Filed in News |

tip_logo.pngThirty-seven seventh-grade students from the Fayetteville School District have qualified for recognition in the Duke University Talent Identification Program, said Barbara Prichard, director ofthe district's gifted and talented program.

The search is conducted throughout a 16-state area. More than 63,000 students participated in the program, which awards recognition on the state and grand levels. The SAT and ACT Assessments are primarily designed for college-bound high school students in the eleventh and twelfth grades. The tests measure knowledge and skills rarely taught in junior high schools. To score high, students have learned a great deal at home, by independent study or by special instruction.

In Arkansas, 1,346 seventh-graders in Arkansas from 162 public and private schools in 109 districts participate in the program. Of those taking the test 641 qualified for state recognition and 69 for grand recognition. Sarah Bondurant, Ellis Hairston, Cannon Kern and Tony Pirani qualified for both state and grand recognition and were invited to attend the National recognition ceremony May 23,2011 at Duke University, N.C. They represent 6% of Arkansas students qualified for grand recognition.

Thirty-three other students qualified for state recognition. They are:
Bell, Austin
Biswas, Chitrine
Boudreaux, Aaryn
Burnett, Brody
Cho, Gene Woo
Day, Savannah
Dilday, Ethan
Dutton, Mitchell
Fartey, Colton
Greene, Jonah
Holt, Nicholas
Lutz, Samantha
Lyons, Brittany
Mantooth, Maureen
Mason, Caroline
McClelland, Nicole
Meroney, Kadfe
Moulden, Mia
Nunn, Brooke
Orsburne, Heather
Plckhardt, Abigail
Ragsdale, Kaitlyn
Sharkey, Caroline
Si, Beau
Sykes, Cassidy
Thompson, Jacob
Tippit, Lily
Torres, Reyes, Ayari
Tubb, Avery
Ungar, Maya
Vansandt, Jordan
Wagstaff, Austin
Willis, Samuel

These Fayetteville students were invited to attend the state recognition ceremony on May 13,2011 in Little Rock and represent 6% of all students in the state who will receive state recognition.