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FHS EAST Students Making a Real Difference in Fayetteville

Posted by Alan on October 17, 2011 12:54 PM | Filed in Events |

Eastlogo.pngMore than 20 Fayetteville High School students will host their annual "EAST Night Out" on Tuesday, October 18, at the school's EAST Classroom (FHS 2504). Beginning at 6:00 PM, EAST students will present visitors with an overview of the EAST program and will demonstrate a sample of the community work and service provided and facilitated by their EAST classroom. The event is open to the public and is designed to inform the community about their school's EAST accomplishments.

What is EAST?
EAST stands for Environmental and Spatial Technology. EAST is an educational model that provides new ways of learning for modern students. EAST focuses on student-driven service projects accomplished through the use of the latest in technology.

In 2011, Fayetteville High's EAST students spent time mapping using GPS accidents in Fayetteville to help better the safety of the roads, and to help with accident response times. Students also learned about alternative energy, and how to be 'Green', including wind power, solar power, eclectic power, and human power. Students have begun making a green house, which is paired with a rain barrel, and hydroponics system. Another group of students have transformed a stationary bike, so that when peddled, energy can be generated and stored in a battery.

For More Information
For more information about Fayetteville High School's EAST program, please contact Mark White at  mark.white@fayar.net or visit the FHS EAST web page.
To find an EAST Night Out near you visit www.EASTNightOut.com.

EAST Boilerplate
EAST® (Environmental and Spatial Technology) is an educational model that focuses on student-driven service projects accomplished by using teamwork and cutting-edge technology. EAST schools are equipped with classrooms containing state-of-the-art work-stations, servers, software and accessories, including GPS/GIS mapping tools, architectural and CAD design software, 3D animation suites, virtual reality development and more. Students identify problems in their local communities and then use these tools to develop solutions, collaborating with civic and other groups in the process. For more information visit www.EASTinitiative.org, email EASTinfo@EASTstaff.org or call 501. 371.5016.