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FHS Debate Enjoying Success in Fall Tournaments

Posted by Alan on December 5, 2011 12:54 PM | Filed in News |

FHS-Debate.pngThe FHS varsity policy debate team of Aaron Gibson and Taylor Shelton won first place at the North Little Rock Charging Wildcat Debate/Forensics Tournament held December 2-3, 2011.  Other Varsity Debate winners were Tim Dahms and Austin Ross 2nd Place, Ty Dunn and Matthew Wang, 4th Place.  Gibson and Shelton were also Varsity Debate Speaker finalists.  Winners in Novice Policy Debate were Mitchell Fenex and Adam Ferrior 3rd Place, Avery Edge and Ava Shirley 4th Place. 

FHS Debate/Forensics Coach, Tim Hollis, notes, "FHS Varsity Debaters have won 1st and 2nd Place at every debate tournament this year:  Little Rock Central, Bentonville, Rogers Heritage and North Little Rock."  

Winners in other events at North Little Rock were Brenna Collins, Ashley Cunningham, Cassie Lime, and Courtney Ulrich--Finalists in Readers Theatre.  Advancing to semifinals [top 12] in their events were Cassie Lime in Solo Acting, Courtney Ulrich in Storytelling, Taylor Hogue in Extemporaneous Speaking, Ashley Cunningham and Courtney Ulrich in Poetry Interpretation, Carson Griggs and Taylor Hogue in Improvised Duet Acting, and Ty Beringer and Courtney Ulrich in Duet Acting.

December 16-17, FHS will host its annual "Winter Wonderland" Forensics Festival for high schools around the state.  Competition will be held for all Arkansas Communication and Theatre Arts Association events:  Debate, Readers Theatre, Words & Music; Original Oratory, Extemporaneous Speaking, Improvised Duet Acting, Duet Acting, Solo Acting, Mime, Poetry, Prose, Storytelling, Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation.  The public is welcome to attend at no charge.  

FHS' Debate/Forensics team will compete again January 13-14 at Little Rock Parkview.

Here are the individuals results from the other events:

Bentonville Debate/Forensics Tournament Results - 2011

  • FHS - 2nd Place Sweepstakes
  • Tim Dahms/Austin Ross - 1st Place Varsity Debate
  • Ashley Cunningham - 1st Place Solo Acting
  • Katelyn Page - 1st Place Original Oratory
  • Janna Allen/Courtney Ulrich - 1st Place Improvised Duet Acting
  • Tim Dahms - 1st Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Tim Dahms - 1st Place Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Ty Dunn/Matthew Wang -2nd Place Varsity Debate
  • Mitchell Fenex/Adam Ferrier - 2nd Place Novice Debate
  • Ty Dunn - 2nd Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Austin Ross - 2nd Place Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Ashley Cunningham/Joel Freeman/Katelyn Page/Courtney Ulrich - 2nd Place Readers Theatre
  • Patrick Graff/Marlee Stark - 3rd Place Varsity Debate
  • Austin Ross - 3rd Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Ashley Cunningham - 3rd Place Poetry Interpretation
  • Erin Boss - 3rd Place Original Oratory
  • Cassie Lime - 3rd Place Storytelling
  • Jonathan Main - 3rd Place Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Megan Remington/Ava Shirley - 4th Place Novice Debate
  • Aaron Gibson - 4th Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Mitchell Fenex - 4th Place Novice Debate Speaker
  • Matthew Wang - 5th Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Ava Shirley - 6th Place Novice Debate Speaker
  • Ty Dunn and Adam Ferrier - Finalists Extemporaneous Speaking
Advancing to Semifinals:
  • Natasha Raezer and Megan Remington - Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Cassie Lime and Courtney Ulrich - Poetry Interpretation
  • Ashley Cunningham  and Courtney Ulrich  - Duet Acting
  • Ty Dunn - Original Oratory
  • Cassie Lime and Morgan Vesper - Solo Acting

Results of Rogers Heritage Tournament - 2011

  • Emily Beaver, Ashley Cunningham, Christina Sagan, Courtney Ulrich - 1st Place Words & Music
  • Austin Ross and Tim Dahms - 1st Place Varsity Debate Team
  • Ty Dunn - 1st Place Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Aaron Gibson and Taylor Shelton - 2nd Place Varsity Debate Team
  • Stella Green and Natasha Raezer - 3rd Place Novice Debate Team
  • Courtney Ulrich - 3rd Place Poetry Interpretation
  • Tim Dahms - 3rd Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Ty Dunn and Matthew Wang - 4th Place Varsity Debate Team
  • Taylor Hogue and Ezra Treece - 4th Place Varsity Debate Team
  • Avery Edge and Carson Griggs - 4th Place Novice Debate Team
  • Taylor Hogue - 5th Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Ashley Cunningham - Finalist Prose Interpretation
Advancing to Semifinals[top 12]:
  • Janna Allen and Ashley Cunningham - Duet Acting
  • Brenna Collins and Nikki Lacey - Duet Acting
  • Austin Ross, Tim Dahms, Sierra Matlock - Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Janna Allen - Poetry Interpretation
  • Courtney Ulrich - Storytelling
  • Hyrum Richardson - Original Oratory
  • Janna Allen and Morgan Vesper - Improvised Duet Acting

Results of Little Rock Central Tournament - 2011
  • Tim Dahms and Austin Ross - 1st Place Varsity Debate
  • Ty Dunn and Matthew Wang - 2nd Place Varsity Debate
  • Aaron Gibson and Taylor Shelton - 3rd Place Varsity Debate
  • Natasha Raezer and Stella Green - 3rd Place Novice Debate
  • Tim Dahms - 2nd Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Matthew Wang - 3rd Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Aaron Gibson - 4th Place Varsity Debate Speaker
  • Courtney Ulrich - 2nd Place Poetry Interpretation
  • Ashley Cunningham - 2nd Place Solo Acting
  • Ashley Cunningham, Cassie Lime, Courtney Ulrich - 3rd Place Readers Theatre
  • Ashley Cunningham and Courtney Ulrich - 4th Place Duet Acting
  • Taylor Hogue - 4th Place Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Ashley Cunningham and Cassie Lime - Semifinals Improvised Duet Acting
  • FHS - 3rd Place Sweepstakes