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FPS Students Fare Well In Regional Math Competition

Posted by Alan on March 12, 2012 10:53 AM | Filed in News |

mathrocksalbert.pngFPS students participated in the ACTM (Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Regional Math Competition on the campus of the University of Arkansas on March 3.  Approximately 700 students from 23 schools participated in six different contests.
Here are the results for the FPS students:

Algebra I competition:  
  • 1st place: Albert Xu, McNair
  • 2nd place: Ryan Ki Hoon Kim, McNair
  • 3rd place: Ethan Dilday, Woodland 
FPS students in the top 10 in the Algebra 1 competition:  Brooke Nunn, Woodland; Julia Townsley, Woodland; Evan Maurer, Woodland.  

FPS students in the top 28 in the Algebra I competition:  
Luke Rapert, Woodland; Caroline Mason, Woodland; Lindsay Lindeman, Woodland; Julie Montgomery, Ramay; Meagan Olsen, McNair; Cody Smith, McNair; Shenghang Jiang. McNair.  

FPS students in the top 10 in the Geometry competition:  
Chase Bertram, Woodland; Tyler Blake Bishop, Woodland; James Brandon McMahon, Woodland; Kia Li Dodge, Woodland; Boyang Si, Woodland; Jorah Etzion Greene, Woodland.

FPS students in the top 30 in the Geometry competition:  Aria Boroojeni-Poodeh, Jared Lee Fox, Andrew James Moore, Blake Daniel Young, Madeline Faye Jones, Matthew Schuster, Kianna Sarvestani, all from Woodland; Luke Fowler, Ramay.

Algebra II competition:  
  • 1st place: Peter Gea, Woodland
  • 2nd place: Tuong Hoang, Woodland
FPS students in the top 10 in the Algebra II competition:  Sam Erickson, Caitlyn Saylor, Michelle Qui, Sam Johnson, Olivia Stiegman, Michelle Pena, all from Woodland; Alex Mueller, Ramay.
FPS students in the top 30 in the Algebra II competition:  Mackenzie Kley, William Baledge, Robbie Lee, Coy Lobaugh, Abby Parker, Matthew Parisi, Luke Wuri, Kendall Coats, Rachel Pohl, Morgan Hamel, all from Woodland.

Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry competition: 
  • 1st place: Michael Thompson, FHS
  • 2nd Place: Addison Cornwell, FHS
  • 3rd Place: Rebecca Lynn McCann, FHS
FPS students in the top 10 in the Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry competition:   Moriah Golden, Li Mei Li, Matt Nathaniel Creger, Dan Renegar, Angela Wang, all from FHS.
FPS students in the top 30 in the Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry competition:  Maria Rossetti, Madeline Corbell, Amber Sarvestani, Collins Garrett Knight, Taylor Stovall, Matthew Robert Kumpe, Ian Riley Goodard, Timothy Jacob Scarbrough, Craig Smardo, all from FHS.  

Calculus competition: 
1st place: Kathy Gea, FHS.

FPS student in the top 10 in the Calculus competition:  Hyrum Richardson, Wanting Zhang, both from FHS.
FPS students in the top 25 in the Calculus competition:  Nate Korth, Utkarsh Kumar, Peter DeLong, Nicole Villacres, Nicole McNabb, all from FHS.

Statistics competition: 
  • 1st place--Tony Li, FHS
  • 3rd place--Peter Du, FHS
FPS students in the top 10 in the Statistics competition:  Matthew Wang, Brandon Fruss, Kyle Lawrence, all from FHS.