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Eight FPS Schools Recognized as High Performing Schools

Posted by Alan on November 19, 2014 3:57 PM | (Not Filed) |

gold_star3.pngBased on results from the 2014 school year, eight FPS schools have been recognized as high performing schools by the Arkansas Department of Education's Arkansas School Recognition and Reward Program. The program recognizes the top 20 percent of schools on academic achievement, academic growth, and graduation rates. Schools in the top 10 percent are eligible to receive $90 per student, and schools in the top 11 to 20 percent are eligible to receive $45.10 per student.

Here are the amounts received by the eight FPS Schools:
Top 10%:
  • Butterfield Trail Elementary School: $55,191.65
  • Leverett Elementary School: $30,361.49
  • McNair Middle School: $62,800.09
  • Root Elementary School: $43,928.31
  • Vandergriff Elementary School: $59,605.92
  • Woodland Jr. High School: $69,747.29

Top 20%:
  • Happy Hollow Elementary School: $21,769.35
  • Holt Middle School: $25,942.13

Congratulations to these schools for their outstanding work!