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Work by FHS Art Teacher Included in New Book

Posted by Alan on August 25, 2015 8:09 AM | (Not Filed) |

Stinebaugh.pngArtwork by Fayetteville High School art teacher Diane Stinebaugh is included the newest book from Firehouse Publications, "If Picasso Went To The Zoo," by Eric Gibbons. This inter-curricular collection of poems and illustrations, created by 50 art teachers from all over the world was designed with children in mind.

This collaboratively created volume started with the 2015 New Year and a group of die-hard, certified art teachers sharing ideas and choosing artists to emulate from history. From Renaissance works to more modern pieces of Pop, each participant chose an artist from history to emulate. From Hieronymus Bosch and Giuseppe Arcimboldo to Andy Warhol or Jean Michel Basquiat, these teachers stepped into the shoes of historic greats and created a work of art of an alliterative animal that artist might have made. This is a common project in schools across the United States and abroad--to learn about the life and work of an artist and try to make a new work within their genre--not just a copy, but a work that might fit into their portfolio.

"The collection is awesomely diverse!" says author Eric Gibbons, "We have artists from all over the earth, from different periods of time, male and female, black, white, Native American, and everything in between. We also chose a very diverse approach to the media including traditional paintings an illustrations, but also sculpture, pottery, and even an example of quilting in the style of Harriet Powers. My favorite thing about these projects is that I learn about so many important artists I had not really heard of, and I have been teaching art for more than a quarter century!"

Each artwork is accompanied with a unique poem that tells a bit about the artist, their genre, and the animal subject. Each artist has an alliterative animal, like Picasso Pangolin, Baber Bison, or DalĂ­ Dodo. Each illustration has a tiny leaf nearby to help you understand if the animal is endangered, extinct, or thriving. The author has even uploaded a free extended learning packet readers can download and explore themes of zoology, poetry, research, history, and more.

The books will initially be available through Amazon.com, several museum bookstores across the nation, and direct from the publisher at www.firehousepublications.com.